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Our services

we not only ship your item but also offer you a complete service. We have tailored the individual components of our product specifically to the needs of professional handling of art objects and antiques, the interaction of which promises successful transport.

1.) It begins with us picking up your purchased items with the greatest care after photo documentation and a completed handover protocol in specially padded containers and driving them to our center for further treatment. To ensure the safety of your items, transport will only take place in GPS-monitored vehicles.

2.) The professional packaging is then carried out in our center, monitored by a camera. We only use high-quality products such as: B. 2 corrugated cardboard boxes, highly impact-resistant bubble wrap as well as fill packs and check packs, which we can produce individually using our industrial packaging machines. We hereby ensure that your enjoyment of the purchased item is not marred by possible damage along the supply chain. We are certified by UPS, Fedex and other well-known shipping companies for our professional services and regularly take part in further training courses. But that's not all. As a service provider, we are constantly looking at how we can effectively counteract the thefts that occur again and again along the supply chain. We use, among other things, a specially designed pack of tape and signature stickers, which not only make quick access much more difficult but also clearly identify them immediately by embossing them on the box - similar to ink on banknotes. We pack particularly valuable art objects with a GPS tracker in a certified wooden box and seal them with a numbered seal to prevent any manipulation during transport.

3.) Items with a value of more than 1,000 EURO must be registered with the German customs authorities for export in a system and presented to the authorities for release before shipping. This incurs expenses because the goods have to be driven to the responsible customs office and presented there. Alternatively, it is possible to instruct the customs authority to inspect the goods outside of the office. In this case, the customs authority can appear to inspect the goods and have the goods shown to them. Fees of approximately 110 euros will be charged according to the official fee schedule. Further details on the complex procedure for exporting goods can be found at the link below.

In order to operate cost-effectively, freight forwarding companies often ship goods with a reduced value. In the event of damage or loss, this can lead to a significant disadvantage for the customer, as the goods were only insured at the reduced value. As a company in an international network of entrepreneurs, we reject such business practices.

4.) As if that weren't enough, we only consider our service to be complete when your package has been successfully delivered to you. We monitor progress and intervene if problems arise. As already described above, we are unfortunately experiencing more and more often in these times that we have to take action and our privileged contacts, for example you have to use UPS Preffered Service in order to have a positive influence on the process for you.

Offering such a complete service package requires a certain amount of effort on our part, of which the shipping price is only part of it. We offer our services at a fair price.